Uthrael Beoac and the Wind Thrones

Wilderness RPG adventure in the Grey Mountains of Tolkien’s Middle Earth

Uthrael Beoac and the Wind Thrones

Filling in one of the blanks of Middle Earth Role Playing.

Way back in the nineties Iron Crown Enterprises wrote the awesome ‘Northern Mirkwood’ campaign supplement for Middle Earth Role Playing. It detailed all sorts of places not just in Mirkwood but all across northern Rhovanion. It contained info on lots of cool locations from the Hobbit, plus the Grey Mountains/Withered Heath et al. As usual the MERP maps were very detailed…

My eye was caught by a specific location. High up in the Grey Mountains there was a large hidden valley called Uthrael Beoac. There were a couple of intriguing paragraphs about this valley in the text but nothing more. My interest was piqued.

Years passed and no details, let alone adventure books, about it emerged. Finally ICE released their Grey Mountains campaign book but alas- no further detail on Uthrael Beoac! And then ICE lost the rights to Middle Earth –Arghh!!!

Add a few years and long comes teh interwebz, and the groovy Middle Earth Role Playing Wiki / The Notion Club Archive (http://merp.wikia.com) with some intriguing little hints about fan modules. The Uthrael Beoac page (http://merp.wikia.com/wiki/Uthrael_Beoac) has a map that seems to indicate that at one point someone had written an adventure thatTheWindThrone closely matched the Wind Thrones illustration from Middle Earth: The Card Game. However I could find nothing else online (ok, so I failed my Spot Hidden roll) though my quest did turn up a French website with another illustration and some more ideas about what the valley could contain.

At that point I decided I would stop searching for what someone else had created and instead, detail the mysterious mountain valley the way I imagined it. Using the background detail hints provided by MERP, plus ideas from the Middle Earth Role Playing Wiki et al, I have outlined the history (and prehistory) of the valley, general adventuring locations, and some adventure ideas all in a rough imitation of the MERP format.

Check out my version of this wilderness adventure on the following pages…

Page 1: Uthrael Beoac: Introduction, Overview & Getting There

Page 2: Uthrael Beoac: Valley Locations, About the Wind Thrones

Page 3: Uthrael Beoac: Inhabitants, Adventures, Timeline, & GM’s Notes


Uthrael Beoac overview