Reversing Agincourt, Naseby and Culloden

How the losers could have won at Agincourt, Naseby and Culloden

Bite sized historical rematches with 20/20 Hindsight

The Armchair Corporal turns the tables in another three famous battles. Talking about himself in third person hasn’t reduced AC’s amazing insights into how losers would have won, if only they were as brilliant as he!

Charles I of England, Bonnie Prince Charlie and some more ‘Medieval Dickheads’ all get a slap upside the head and some serious schooling in what they should have done if only they had 20/20 Hindsight and a dash of omniscience.

Chock full of fake retreats, superbly disciplined militia, and the obligatory flank march, check out these amateur military historian’s pipe dreams laid out in all their glory at 20/20 Hindsight Re-fight #2 Agincourt, Naseby, Culloden