Awakening of the Wyrms – A 4th Age RPG Campaign

Bairanax in the narrows

The Awakening of the Wyrms is a role playing campaign set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth in the early years of the 4th Age. Using locations and creatures from Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP) campaign books this alternative history involves the awakening of the Dragons of the Withered Heath and the subsequent havoc they wreak on the north.

This work specifically combines the expansions of I.C.E.’s MERP and Anders Blixt’s The Queen of Shadows campaign (

The narrative has been created by extrapolating on pre-existing ideas formulated by others: specifically Tolkien; the game-developers at Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.) in their RPG, Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP); and the Queen of Shadows plot-line by Anders Blixt. This 4th age campaign also includes some ideas from the wonderful PBEM chronicle “The War for Mount Gundabad” by Scott Metz (, describing adventurers involved in besieging Mount Gundabad.

This campaign is canon breaking in that the description of the early 4th age by Tolkien does not all go happily for the free folk. Familiarity with the I.C.E.’s Middle Earth Role Playing will make following the ‘Wyrms’ narrative easier but is not necessary so long as you can accept that there are other non-canon creatures and items of power existing within Middle collage

Also note that the Queen of Shadows Campaign is set in FA 151 whereas this outline takes place in approximately FA 30 to make use of familiar characters from Lord of the Rings. A few name changes should easily convert this narrative to a later time.


Major suppositions:

  • 2 Arnorian Palantiri lost with King Arvedui in third age 1975 in Forochel can be recovered (cf MERP Rangers of the North, Arnor – The Land)
  • The mountain valley of Uthrael Beoac (cf MERP The Grey Mountains) is suspiciously uninhabited by Dragons. I have extrapolated that the Wind Thrones, built in the valley by the Edain in the 1st Age, project a magical field that repels Dragons.
  • The relic gem, the Ulûkai of Morgoth (cf MERP Mount Gundabad) channels the presence of the great enemy and as such can be used to rouse Dragons from their languid state.
  • Mind affecting spells and auras can be cast at range via a Palantir.
  • The existence of Aelindur, an evil Noldo mage able to manipulate minds and use powerful artefacts. She is Sauron’s Daughter and thus half Maia as per the Queen of Shadows campaign. I have expanded on her background such that she has two children who have also grown to become powerful mages.

If you can swallow these suppositions then please proceed: The 4th age campaign narrative along with FAQs and RPG resources is contained in the Middle Earth Menu – see Menu bar at top of page.

or click here…1- The Legacy of the Enemy


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