Concluding the Awakening of the Wyrms!

Awakening of the Wyrms: an alternate history of early Fourth Age Middle Earth.


Extrapolating the Queen of Shadows Campaign

To misquote Peter Jackson and the infamous Boromir meme…

“One does not simply awaken the Dragons of the Withered Heath.”

Some people just crave a resolution (I certainly did!): so please find herein the epic conclusion to the Awakening of the Wyrms.

Thrills, spills, and canon busting bitter pills are guaranteed, not to mention some brain melting coordination of armies, wizards and assorted entities into, what I hope is, a coherent timeline of possibilities.

Much fun was had in using the ideas of J.R.R Tolkien, Iron Crown Enterprises Middle Earth Role Playing game, and Anders Blixt ( to create an alternate early history of the Fourth Age. Aligning famous names versus each other, re-using a smidge of Greek mythology, and developing (or destroying) various corners of Middle Earth proved challenging.  The incorporation of a Spy Game sub-plot with that ubiquitous fantasy trope of the ‘adventuring party’, enabled a players eye view on the action.

Feedback welcome – this story is not set in stone. I am happy to adjust to correct major errors herein.

Click here to see how it all pans out… Awakening of the Wyrms – Conclusion

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